#BlogElul 8: Prayer

It began with an eyelash. And then some birthday candles. And then everything I could possibly make a wish on.  And my wishes, or prayers, were answered.  

That’s powerful stuff for a 12 year old, and it’s what led me to investigate religion and spirituality more deeply and set me on the path I am on today.  

Since then, I have come to rely on prayer throughout my daily life.  Sometimes it’s those trivial ones we blurt off without a thought “please don’t let the bus come before I reach the corner” is a frequent refrain in my life.  But more often than not, prayer is the tool I use to gain clarity and insight on a situation.  Somehow, after prayer, my intuition always seems stronger, my perspective more insightful, and my decision making stronger.  I see answers to my prayers in “signs” (whether coincidental or not, I don’t really care, the point is, they help me) big and small, and usually when I listen to my intuition after praying on something, I make the right choice.  What sort of right choices? Graduate school. Jobs. Relationships. Decisions big and small. It’s when I don’t listen to the answers to my prayers that I get into trouble.  

Prayer is essential to me. It’s the evidence that bolsters my faith.  It’s certainly not a fail-proof method, but for me, my prayer life is an integral part of sustaining my spiritual life.  I’d be lost without it. 

#BlogElul 7: Shofar

I’ve never heard the shofar blown before in honor of the new year, and I won’t start this year, it doesn’t seem, since my temple apparently organizes a communal hike and climbs a local peak before blowing it.  If that’s the case, I’m sorry to have to miss it, but it seems very appropriate to me, sounding out the majestic tones of the shofar surrounded by the beauty of nature.