#BlogElul 22: Seeing

On Friday night, I got to see my very first convert be welcomed into the Jewish community.  Not moments before, I had thought to myself that I wished I would have the chance to see this moment, to know what to expect when my time comes, and then as if by magic (but not really), came the announcement that Nancy had converted on Thursday, after being heavily involved in the temple community for years and being married to a Jewish man for over 20.  She walked up, gave a short speech about her journey to Judaism, then was called up to the bima with her husband.  The Torah was taken out and given to her, and then she recited the Shema.  She began singing the first line, and then the entire congregation joined in with her to sing the second.  It was beautiful and it brought tears to my eyes.  Then, the rabbi blessed her, as did the entire congregation (we made a funny sight with our hands up in the air, fingers spread in the style of the Vulcans  kohanim) to officially welcome her as the newest member of the Jewish people.

I am so grateful that I got the opportunity to be a part of this moment, to see what will happen when my turns comes, and for the advance knowledge that I am probably not going to make it through the Shema without bursting into tears.

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