#BlogElul 19 and 20: Beginnings and Endings

You can feel the end of summer in the air already where I live.  The trees are ever-so-slightly beginning to change colors from the lush green of summer to the paler green that foreshadows the transformation to the brilliant yellows, golds and reds that will burst into being in a few short weeks.  There’s a chill in the air at nights and in the early mornings.  The air feels different.  And yet, two short weeks ago, we were definitively in the throes of summer.  It’s a marvel to me how quickly this change happens here – I grew up in more southernly climes, where the arrival of summer never seemed to be greeted with as much enthusiasm as it is up here.

In terms of beginnings, the year is beginning.  Not just the Jewish new year, but the school year, and with it, student teaching.  My coming weeks will be one long blur of lesson plans, projects, assignments, assessments, and reflections, to say nothing of my actual coursework.  It’s a bit daunting to think of, but the second time is always easier, and I’m looking forward to getting experience teaching at the high school level.  I adored elementary school, but I hope that high school will surprise and delight me in unexpected ways.

I am glad, in my own way, for the opportunity to take stock and reflect now, instead of January.  January will mark the beginning of the next chapter of my life – as a master’s degree holder, licensed and certified, and looking for work, and once that happens, well, it’s anyone’s guess.  I hope too that the winter